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Farewell, Petr Petrovich!  ? 103

18:49, — Economics

Farewell, Petr Petrovich!

Yuri Alimov has been appointed acting board chairman of the Belarusian State Bank.

Today Alexander Lukashenko by a special decree appointed Yuri Alimov acting board chairman of the Belarusian State Bank. Hitherto Yuri Alimov has been holding the position of a vice-chairman in the aforementioned institution.

The head of the State Bank, Petr Prokopovich, who has recently undergone a major heart surgery, is scheduled to complete an aftertreatment course within next few months.

Honored Constructor of Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, Hero of Belarus Petr Petrovich Prokopovich had been heading the State Bank since 1998. His name became a symbol of record-setting emissive funding of the economy, several devaluations and reductions of nominal value of the state currency.

Yuri Alimov was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1957. He graduated from N. A. Voznesensky Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics, Academy of Public Administration under the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Belarus; holds a magisters degree (masters degree equivalent) from Belarusian State Economic University. In 1986-1986 he served as the chief economist of Svetlogorsk City Finance Department, in 1986-1989 as the head of Svetlogorsk branch of The Savings Bank, in 1989-1993 - as a vice-mayor of Svetlogorsk, in 1993-1997 as a deputy chief of Homel regional department of Belarusbank, 1997-1998 as a board vice-chairman of Belarusbank, 1998-2001 as a board vice-chairman of the State Bank of Belarus.

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