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Lukashenka calls Lithuania's policy caddish  ? 190

15:05, — Politics

Lukashenka calls Lithuania's policy caddish

(being updated) The dictator does not think the Molotov cocktail attack on the Embassy of Lithuania in Minsk was an act of terror.

They are not terrorists. Don't try to look for terrorists here. If you think they are terrorists in this case, the people who attacked the Russians [a Molotov cocktail attack on the Embassy of Russia Interfax] were terrorists too, Lukashenka said Monday at a meeting with students and academic staff of Belarusian State Economic University, Interfax news agency reports.

Lukashenka said to students: You probably heard that someone had thrown bottles at the Lithuanian embassy. Some time ago [in 2010 Interfax], bottles were thrown at the Russian embassy causing damage to their property, a car and so on. These people were found. They are in jail now. According to Lukashenka, Lithuania shouted they [the people convicted of the incident with the Russian embassy Interfax] are political prisoners. When they received Molotov cocktails, they consider it to be terrorism. This position is caddish, Lukashenka said. That's how their policy looks like. This is caddish policy.

According to him, Lithuania says: We expect Lukashenka to make a statement regarding the cocktail bombs. But I expect them [Lithuania Interfax] to give comments on the Swedish plane that crossed their country and was allowed to enter Belarus's airspace. They haven't given an answer. Why do they keep silence? the dictator wonders.

The dictator reminded about the situation of Ales Byalyatski, the head of Viasna human rights centre who was jailed for tax frauds. Whom do they fight? He was sentenced for tax frauds in accordance with our laws. We received information about him from the European Union, namely Lithuania, where he hid his money, Lukashenka said. One can be sentenced to life in America for such crimes. It's normal. But they think it is normal that he didn't pay taxes from one billion [Belarusian rubles Interfax]. How can it be normal? he noted.

Lukashenka thinks the principles of democracy proposed by the West, including those relating to electoral campaigns, don't suit Belarus.

We need to be not so enthusiastic about this democracy. Look what happens to rallies in Spain, Italy, France and Greece. No one treat them softly, he said.

You [the West interfax] rebuke me for dictatorship. You pour water on people and use tear gas every day. How many people did you injure? No one says about it, Lukashenka said. He added: Millions of people were eliminated in Afghanistan and Iraq was razed to the ground when you needed oil.

Lukashenka said that Sarkozy was a great democrat, but he took $150mn from Gaddafi. He took the money, but bombed him three years later. Soldiers raped and killed him [Gaddafi Interfax]. Is this democracy? the dictators asked.

Lukashenka said the West didn't like the way how elections were held in the country. Let them go to America and see how elections are carried out there, Lukashenka advised giving an example of the recent situation noticed by OSCE observers during the US presidential elections. If I am not mistaken, 50 million people could not vote because they were not put on the list of voters, he said adding that there were 23 or 25 candidates [for the US presidency Interfax]. You heard only about Obama and Romney, but the rest 25 were jailed for their attempt to have debates with these sharks, he said.

Lukashenka noted they wanted to come to us with their own rules, interfere with our affairs and lecture us. We don't need them. We can carry out elections ourselves, the dictator stressed.

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