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Memorandum on democratization of Belarus in adopted in Vilnius (Photo)

13:42, — Politics

Last Saturday a conference/consultation took place in Vilnius with the heads of Belarusian political and civic organizations meeting the head of the BPR Council Ivonka Survilla.

The following civic and political activists took place in the event: Stanislau Shushkevich, Uladzimir Kolas, Vintsuk Viachorka, Uladzimir Baradach, Aliaksandr Dabravolski, Aliaksandr Milinkevich, Aliaksei Yanukevich and others. The BPRs Council was represented by Ivonka Survilla and Sirgei Navumchyk.

As one of the participants of the conference, the chairman of the Belarusian Cultural Community of Lithuania Khvedar Nunka told the web-site, exactly that composition of the participants was selected in order to bring together people with differing views. He noted the special significance of the event.

It is possible that such a massive meeting of Belarusian civic and political activists with the BPRs Council member took place for the first time. I do not remember every discussed issue to be studied in such depth at other meetings, - Nunka pointed out.

The aim of the consultation of the heads of Belarusian political and civic organization with the Chairwoman and member of the Board of the Council, according to the BPRs Councils Facebook page, was development of the measure for protecting the independence of Belarus.

A memorandum was adopted as the result of the meeting.

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