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Pavel Vinagradau arrested for the action with mistakes photos 19

13:13, — Politics

As Pavels wife Sviatlana reported, today he was called out to the criminal and executive inspection of Minsks Moscow district.

We would remind that Vinagradau is under surveillance and has to come the inspection, Radio Svaboda reports.

However policemen from Parvomaiski district department came for Pavel to the inspection. Pavel managed to call his wife and say that he was called out to a police department. At the moment the activists cell phone is not responding.

Sviatlana believes, that the detention can be connected to another action of toy protest, which was organized on 10 December near the National Library exactly in Minsks Parvomaiski district. The activists then put stuffed animals opposite the library and prepared misspelled banners. Despite the mistakes the writings remained clear. The activists hope that the misspellings will help in the court to prove that there were no slogans on the banners.

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