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New Life church member questioned by counterintelligence agency

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New Life church member questioned by counterintelligence agency

The questioning on December 16 lasted for 4 hours.

Syarhei Lukanin, a lawyer of New Life church, notes that the guy, who is now in the army, has never hidden his religious views, but the questioning was a stress for him, Nasha Niva newspaper writes.

The conscript was asked with what countries the church cooperates, who Syarhei Lukanin is and from where New Life church has money.

The lawyer says the church doesn't hide anything: we have money only from church members.

Syarhei Lukanin says he is a public figure and supposes the secret services have information about him. He is sure his phone is being tapped. Lukanin said pastors and church member have similar conversations and questionings from time to time.

New LIfe protestant church is located in Minsk. It was involved in several scandals, when the authorities tried to take away the church building. The conflict started in 2006, when a lot of church members participated protest rallies against the rigged presidential elections. The latest demand to vacate the building was in November. The authorities of Minsk gave up the claims a week later.

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