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Private businessmen are forced to sell hockey souvenirs

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Private businessmen are forced to sell hockey souvenirs

Companies based in Minsk were demanded to organize selling souvenirs with the attributes of the hockey world championship.

A respective letter was sent out by the administration of Minsks Moscow district.

In pursuance of the order of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Belarus as of 23.11.2012 No105 About selling goods with the logotype of the ice hockey world championship 2014 you need to assure that the distribution network has plastic bags with the symbols of the championship, - says the letter, sent by a reader.

Also the districts administration asks to open specialized sections for selling a wide assortment of food and non-food goods, souvenirs, promotional products with the symbols of the championship.

The letter, which also contains an order to inform the districts administration of the work that was carried out, is signed by its deputy head Andrei Susliankou.

Human rights groups, Belarusian opposition and many Western politicians, including European and American parliament members, are against having a hockey world championship in Minsk because of repressions and the presence of political prisoners in Belarus. In case it is held in Minsk, a number of big hockey countries may boycott the event.

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