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Vitali Klitschko: No compromises with authorities  ? 69

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Vitali Klitschko: No compromises with authorities

The actions by the Ukrainian authorities make negotiations impossible.

After today's attempts to break up protests, leader of opposition party UDAR Vitali Klitschko said the Ukrainian opposition won't seek compromises with the authorities and will demand the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov, reports.

The politician said addressing protesters on Independence Square that the actions by the Ukrainian authorities closed the door to any compromises. The UDAR leader thinks any concessions, such as a technical government or amendments to the country's constitution, are manipulations in favour of Yanukovych that will help keep his power.

Klitschko said the Cabinet of Ministers led by Mykola Azarov and president Viktor Yanukovych should resign. He underscored the demands were caused by actions by the authorities.

He said that Kyiv residents came to Independence Square after TV reports about protests. Some thousands of policemen are trying to disperse us. But we will have much more people in an hour. We can push the riot police back. Because we don't want and won't live under dictatorship. After these events we should demand the president to resign, Klitschko said.

Klitschko called on the police not no use weapons against people. Don't make mistakes. Don't use weapons. There are peaceful people, citizens of Ukraine, he said.

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