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Raman Yakauleuski: Yanukovych can make stupid irreversible things 9

15:14, — Politics

Raman Yakauleuski: Yanukovych can make stupid irreversible things

The Ukrainian ruler doesn't know what to do. And this is dangerous.

Political observer Raman Yakauleuski discussed the latest events in Kiev with

Yanukovych's behaviour shows he doesn't know what to do. This is dangerous. He is rushing about and can do stupid irreversible things. I mean blood may shed, God forbid, though all note the protests are demonstratively peaceful. I'd like to turn attention to the position of the Russian media that have a big audience in Ukraine. The position of the federal TV channels is a clearly derogatory attitude to Ukrainians. By the way, it is demonstrated both by the media and the State Duma. This is the behaviour of the 'eldest brother', so to say. It won't lead to normal relations between Russia and Ukraine, the observer noted.

Yakauleuski adds that on the other side, this position even more unites the Ukrainian society.

They don't have clear anti-Russian moods. There are nationalist slogans, but they don't prevail among protesters. I would say these are not anti-Russsian, but anti-Kremlin and anti-Putin slogans. Turn your attention that the protests started with pro-EU slogans, but now the most popular demand is new authorities, both the prime minister and the president. Klitschko and other opposition leaders say it. All note that the political opposition doesn't have a leading role in protests. The main role belongs to the self-organising youth, he underscored.

The international observer supposes it would be legally difficult to impeach Yanukovych, because there are no legal grounds for this procedure.

The danger for Yanukovych is that he can take Tymoshenko's place if he quits. The resignation of the prime minister would be the most suitable variant for all sides in the current situation. It would reduce tensions, but wouldn't solve the problem, because the presidency is on the agenda. He [Yanukovych] is guided by fear.

All notice a split among Ukrainian oligarchs. Ukraine is the country with the oligarchical system of government. It is ruled by business groups that have their own interests. I can't say what will happen tomorrow, but the opinions and hopes that protests will end due to cold weather haven't come true and are unlikely to come true. The problem remains unsolved. The fact that clashes took place in the presence of European guests may mean that not only oligarchs, but also the law-enforcement bodies have a split. Yanukovych has lost people's trust due to his actions. He can offer whatever he wants, but no one believes him. Even in Moscow. Absence of trust is the most awful thing for a politician, Raman Yakauleuski said.

Berkut riot police made an attempt to storm the Kiev city hall building and break up the rally, but the police had to retreat meeting resistance from protesters.

The police suspended the attack in the morning. Street cleaners continued to dismantle barricades in the cleared territory, but did't move to protesters, observers say.

In the evening, Viktor Yanukovych offered the opposition to take part in the national dialogue.

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