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KGB classified data on tortures of political prisoners photos

12:08, — Politics

The results of the inspection made on the appeal on tortures in KGB jail are a state secret.

A former presidential candidate Ales Michalevic reported of that on his Facebook account.

Once released from KGB jail in March 2011 he claimed of multiple cases of tortures and humiliation and appealed to General Prosecutors office for an inspection to be held. While the politician was in Belarus, the Prosecutors office could not respond, and only as he left the country, they reported that the decision was made by the results of the inspection not to file a criminal case.

The other day Ales Michalevics legal counsel received an interesting document.

It turns out, the results of the inspection, held on my appeal on tortures, are a state secret. That is why not only the counsel will not be allowed to explore the results, but will not even get a copy of the resolution on refusal to file a criminal case, - Ales Michalevic wrote on his page. While in the pre-trial jail, I was told that the presence of the people in black, who tortured and humiliated us, was the secret of investigation. Now they have been upgraded to a secret, protected by the law.

Ales Michalevic ran for president in the recent presidential elections. After the events on 19 December he was arrested and kept in KGB jail. According to the politician, he was tortured there and made agree to cooperate. Soon after the press-conference, at which he described the tortures and publicly announced he would not cooperate with KGB, Michalevic escaped the country and received political asylum in Czech Republic.

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