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Siarhei Mikhalok to Euromaidan: You are superheroes! (Video)  ? photos

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Lyapis Trubetskoy band played a concert for protesters in Kiev.

The blacklisted Belarusian band planned to have a concert in the Ukrainian capital on December 7. The concert was to be held in a club, but taking into account the events in Ukraine, Siarhei Mikhalok decided to play at Kiev's main square, where supportes of European integration have protests.

Tens of Belarusian managed to come to Independence Square in spite of obstacles from the Belarusian and Ukrainian security services. Many Belarusian white-red-white flags were seen on the square.

Siarhei Mikhalok addressed the audience in Belarusian: We are here to greet you on behalf of Belarusians. We respect and admire you. You are great people. You show that courage, heroism, solidarity and unity can help fight for civil rights and repel the political, state and police outrage. You are superheroes! Hurray! he said. The leader of Lyapis Trubetskoy said he knew well what dictatorship meant and urged people not to give up in the face of danger.

The band played the song Not to be cattle based on a poem by Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala.

Thousands of protesters sang together with Lyapis. The battle is not to the strong. Those going all the way win. Thank you for giving us a hope, Mikhalok said.

Lyapis played the songs Zhelezny, K nam priekhal Trubetskoy and Rabcor.

A big white-red-white flag was raised on the building near Independence Square, which was met by applause and chants Long live Belarus.

Siarhei Mikhalok ended the performance with the words Long live Belarus! Long live independent Ukraine! Tens of thousands of demonstrators began to chant Belarus! Belarus! and wave flags.

Ukrainian musicians continued the concert on Independence Square.

Protests against rejection of European integration have been holding in Ukraine for the third week. Representatives of the Belarusian opposition organisations take active part in rallies. The number of protesters significantly increased after the riot police brutally dispersed a rally on November 30.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych visited Sochi and met with Putin on December 6 on his way from China. They discussed preparations for the agreement on strategic cooperation. Edward Lucas from The Economist wrote Yanukovuych had promised Putin that Ukraine would join the Customs Union.

The British journalists expects grandstanding from the Russian president and an angry reaction (crackdown, state of emergency) in Ukraine.

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