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Anatol Liabedzka: Punched in kidney and taken to Kurapaty

11:29, — Politics

Anatol Liabedzka: Punched in kidney and taken to Kurapaty

The leader of the United Civil Party spent seven hours at a police station.

Anatol Liabedzka was set free only at 18:00. He was taken outside Minsk. Policemen took the politician to Kurapaty memorial area and then to the city crematory. Only after that he was set free in the city district Viasnianka close to his home. learnt it from Anatol Liabedzka.

I was detained at around 10:30 near my home. The men who detained me wore civilian clothes. They didn't introduce them. I think they were special task officers. I shouted my name and address to a man nearby and asked to tell my family what happened. I got punched in the kidney several times, the politician said.

Anatol Liabedzka was taken to Minsk's Savetski district police department and later to a nearby police station.

They made a police report after three hours at a police station. I was charged with organisng an unsanctioned event on January 5, when we were collecting signatures, the procedure that is not regulated by the law. I spent more than three hours at the police station. They didn't allow me to use my mobile phone to call my family and a lawyer, the UCP leader said.

The politician was ordered to get into a car, but police officers didn't take him home.

We got to the Minsk ring road at a high speed. They were driving like mad. They took me to Kurapaty memorial around at a speed of around 140km/h. They made a turn near Bulbash Hall entertainment centre and went to the crematory. They took me to Viasnianka district only at 18:00. I don't know why they did it. There's no logic. It was clear that I wouldn't be jailed until trial, Anatol Liabedzka said.

The politician noted he was handed a summons to a court. The trial is scheduled for January 14, Tuesday, at 10:00 in Minsk's Savetski district court.

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