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Picket against new taxes forbidden in Mahilou 17

15:16, — Politics

Picket against new taxes forbidden in Mahilou

The reason for the rejection communal services refused to clean the territory.

In the official respond, received by one of the applicants for the picket, the chairman of Mahilou regional organization of the United Civic Pary Uladzimir Shancau from the road and bridge construction enterprise says that there is a lack of cleaning staff at the enterprise, and the day of the suggested event is a day off, the human rights center Viasna reports.

In this regard Mahilou city executive committee took the decision to deny the picket to Mahilou democrats. The situation is commented by the chairman of Mahilou regional organization of BPF Adradzhennie Dzmitry Salaujou:

At first the communal services made a contract with us for cleaning the territory, however later they cancelled the contract unilaterally. I think there is a political implication to all of this, and the local authorities do not want to allow mass events even in the citys outskirts, in the citys only authorized place. Obviously, the topic of the introduction of taxes concerns the majority of Belarusians and it is urgent for them, that is why citizens could come support the picket even in the outskirts.

We would remind that the initiators of the picket against the introduction of new taxes were the chairman of Mahilou regional organization BPF Adradzennie Dzmitry Salaujou, the chairman of Mahilou regional organization of the UCP party Uladzimir Shancau and the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Free Trade Union Jury Novikau. They planned to hold the event on 25 January in the premises of the Khimik Stadium in the citys outskirts.

We would point out that starting from 1 January 2014 a new tax has been introduced to be paid by car owners. The countrys leadership repeatedly spoke in favor of introducing a tax on idlers.

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