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Hanna Shaputska: Arguments for running in elections make me laugh 26

16:46, — Politics

Hanna Shaputska: Arguments for running in elections make me laugh

The game elections always turns into a disgrace for its pro-opposition participants.

Hanna Shaputska, an activist and coordinator of the initiative Save Kurapaty, said it in an interview with

We don't have elections. It was confirmed by international and Belarusian observers several times. Nothing has changed after the latest 'elections'. We don't see any positive changes in the electoral legislation. The game 'elections' is a derision and a disgrace for opposition, she is convinced.

The activist gives several reasons explaining why opposition members run in the elections.

If they don't run in 'elections' and don't invite observers from foreign countries, they won't be able to be invited to observe elections in other countries. Lukashenka can tighten screw for not running in elections. Registered organisations may lose their registration if they don't participate, Hanna Shaputska noted.

The activist doesn't agree that the electoral campaign gives an opportunity to talk to voters.

This argument makes me laugh. In my opinion, if people call themselves party members, they should talk to people all the time regardless of 'elections'. It is self-deception. It cannot excuse their decision to take part in the campaign. Instead of playing the game 'elections' our opposition leaders, parties and organisations had better unite to struggle for amendments to the electoral legislation. I regret to say that we don't see it now, she said.

Hanna Shaputska thinks running in the elections is unacceptable even if a candidate wants to withdraw later.

I think participation in the 'elections' legitimise the authorities and helps them. No steps towards the Lukashenka regime should be done. We should ignore the 'elections'. But we should do it together, she summed up.

None elections and referendums in Belarus have been recognised by international organisations since 1995.

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