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BPR Council: Pro-EU protests give hope to Belarusians 2

15:23, — Politics

The BPR Council released a statement in connection with a Belarusian's death in Kyiv.

The Council of the Belarusian People's Republic (BPR) expresses concerns over violence in Kyiv that resulted in the killing of Belarusian Mikhail Zhyzneuski.

The actions by the authorities leading to killings of demonstrators cannot be excused. The cases of killings of pro-EU protesters should be investigated throughly and transparently and the people responsible for them should be called to account in accordance with the law. The BPF Council expresses its solidarity and support with the people of Ukraine struggling for freedom and democracy against dictatorship, lawlessness and neo-imperialism. Ukrainians' resistance to attempts of establishing the authoritarian regime gives a hope for the release from dictatorships to all peoples of our region, especially to Belarusians. For our freedom and yours! Nasha Niva quotes the statement.

Protests in Ukraine against failure to sign the Association Agreement with the EU have been continuing for more than two months. The most serious clashes between protesters and the police took place on January 22. The special forces and the police started a brutal operation in Kyiv's Hrushevsky Street. The police attacked the barricades. Gunshots were heard during the attack. The police approached the buses, which were burnt two days ago. Videos showed protesters trying to escape and policemen catching and beating them.

At least three people are reported to have died in clashes, hundreds were injured. Two demonstrators, among them Belarusian activist Mikhail Zhyzneuski, were shot by the police. Another protester died at hospital after falling from the top of the stadium.

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