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Shejman fixed up disgraced propagandist Azarenak with job 50

15:04, — Politics

Shejman fixed up disgraced propagandist Azarenak with job

Propogandist Jury Azarenak is now working at Lukashenkas administration.

Five years ago the name of film director Jury Azarenak was a scandalous common noun in Belarus.

The author of the notorious documentaries Hatred: children of lies, Spiritual war could without exaggeration be considered the chief propagandist of the incumbent authorities. Whatever evil epithets did he only not use addressed to the representatives of Belarusian opposition.

In recent years nothing has been heard of Azarenak. Narodnaja Vola learnt that today Jury Azarenak is living a silent life of an official, but is still ready enter the path of ideological wars at the first call.

Today the former TV employee is working at the department of information and public relations of Lukashenkas administration. He confesses that he does not even remember when he switched the camera for an officials portfolio. Although four years ago the path of Jury Azarenak was quite far from politics the film director was making an Orthodox TV project Souls spring. Azarenak was put aside from state matter after discomfiture at Eurovision-2008. The scandalous film director lost the position of the deputy chairman of the National State Television and Radio Company for making a deed, incompatible with public service.

Azarenak, who headed Belarusian delegation at the Eurovision, fell into disgrace for allegedly being late for the plane. It is said that he got very upset about the loss of our singer Ruslan Alekhno, abused alcoholic beverages and missed the flight.

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