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Uladzimir Berazhkou: I was called regime's henchman after meeting with president  ? 191

15:15, — Politics

Uladzimir Berazhkou: I was called regime's henchman after meeting with president

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper Pressball was shocked by reactions of Belarusian society.

Uladzimir Berazhkou spoke to BelGazeta's observer about the epithets he heard about him after a meeting with Lukashenka:

I gave a lift to founder Yury Zisser after the meeting with the president. I saw he worried and I had the same emotions. On the one hand, we had good impressions from the honest and positive conversation. It was open and friendly, when Lukashenka didn't understand certain things, he said it. On the other hand, I had controversial feelings after the meeting.

We visited Internet forums and saw the same comments about us: 'the regime's henchman', 'a sycophant of the black helmet', 'a KGB agent' and so on. I must admit I don't have 100% immunity to this stream of rubbish. Yury said he even fell ill once.

The self-consuming, self-expressing and self-admiring society has developed a negative reaction to all things. Negative prevails both in the boundless anonymous web and in every human being. Society is unhealthy. Journalism, or absence of journalism, should be blamed for it. But how can one be present [at the meeting] without asking questions, communicating and talking? Such meetings are a good opportunity to send a signal to change the situation together.

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