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Yanukovich learnt how to shoot people from Lukashenka photos

14:39, Aliaksandar Atroshchankau — Opinion

Aliaksandar Lukashenkas security agencies shot peaceful demonstrators back in 2006, after the elections.

The pictures taken by courageous Belarusian photographs were spread all over the world. But today some people are trying to forget about both the pictures and other crimes of Lukashenkas regime.

In the meantime, one of the pictures clearly shows a shooter aiming his rifle at the demonstrators. This is very important. The thing is that the instructions on the use rubber-bullet weapons prohibit shooting at less than 70-100 meter distances, depending on the model of the weapon. And it is strictly prohibited to shoot in the head, no matter at what distance. Wounds caused by rubber bullets from a close distance slightly differ from wounds caused by firearms.

By the way, right after the demonstration of March 25, 2006 (where these pictures were taken) was broken up, media reported about at least one death. There are many witnesses who saw several motionless people lying on the ground after the demonstration. But nobody could testify to prove this information.

Today we can hear that Lukashenka is not that bad at all, because during the last 20 years he has never shot at demonstrators. This is false.

The truth is, that despite the brutal repressions and falsified elections, the West has always remained vague and uncertain, and its only reaction were lame visa sanctions against judges and officers from security agencies. Many of them have no idea in what part of the globe Western countries are located.

I doubt that Yanukovichs thugs have studied Lukashenkas thugs tactics and technique of shooting their own people, which is however plausible. The main lesson that the Belarusian dictator has taught his Ukrainian colleague is that he can shoot his own people with no consequences.

Aliaksandar Atroshchankau for

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