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Surprise for drivers: new fines and mandatory winter tyres  ? 184

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Surprise for drivers: new fines and mandatory winter tyres

Fines for parking violations will be issued not to a driver, but to a car owner.

Yury Litvin, the head of the traffic police department, announced news for motorists in 2014 during a call-in show organized by the newspaper Trasnportny Vestnik. Among the new proposals are the mandatory use of winter tyres and child safety seats. Another new requirement believed by the road police to solve the parking problem is stricter punishments for parking violations. The road police chief says punishment will be applied to car owners.

The road police have a database allowing us to find who owns a particular car, Yury Litvin said. If the car is parked illegally, we will punish the owner, not the driver.

Then acting head of the road police department Vasily Bulbiankou said earlier: Fines for stopping and parking violations will grow from 1 to 3 penalty units. The second violation during the year will be punished with a fine of from 3 to 5 penalty units. The sum of the fine will probably increase to from 5 to 8 penalty units.

Yury Litvin said higher fines for a repeated violation were effective: The measure is supposed to warn a person again by means of a double fine.

He said indefinite fines were not the best decision. It would be better to set the exact sum for a certain violation: The road police proposed law-makers to avoid the so called fork, but they answer that people always have mitigating or aggravating circumstances. So we have to use the current laws.

The question of the transport duty was also raised. People asked if the number of people driving without a safety certificate would increase (some drivers calculated that its more profitable to pay a fine several times than to pay the transport duty). Yury Litvin thinks the situation wont get far worse: The number of people who dont undergo a safety test wont increase. The number of such drivers will remain on the same level. Of course, some people will drive without a safety certificate, but they wont be a majority.


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