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Details of explosion near House of Government: two workers saved by miracle  ? 44

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Details of explosion near House of Government: two workers saved by miracle

The crew of the scandalous movie project Abel were made sign a confidentiality statement.

After the script of the movie had gotten on the internet, the producer Siarhiej Zhanovich forbad everyone to use a mobile phone. A script writer Andrej Kurejchyk told on his Facebook page of the atmosphere at the propagandist movies shooting area, filmed by the order of the authorities.

He points out that he managed to speak with the crew members.

First of all, it pleases, that they are really ashamed for what they have gotten into. According to them, many actors are ashamed too. Secondly, they all were made sign confidentiality statements, but at the same time they forgot to conclude labour agreement with many, - Andrej Kurejchyk writes.

Members of the filming crew also told that on the day Abels script got published the movies producer forbad them to use mobile phones. They also said told of the details of the notorious explosion that happened near the House of Government in Minsk on 1 February.

Only yesterday the driver Aliaksandr Lazar got out of the hospital, about whom the producer Siarhiej Zhdanovich has been shamelessly lying all that time.

So this is how it all happened, according to the filming crew. Zhdanovich decided to save 80 dollars on the shift for transport. He ordered to put both properties and junk into the same Mercedes Sprinter. There were gas tanks for heat cannons. According to safety requirements, different cars should be used for that.

There were three tanks. One was taken and attached to the heat cannon. Another one was, apparently, empty. But the third almost brought to a tragedy. The properties put in the car opened the valve. Apart from lazar there were two workers in the bus. Lazar smelled gas and stopped the car. It is unknown what served as a detonator, Lazar claimed he had not smoked.

The fire came up from the tank. Two workers managed to jump out by miracle. The fire instantly spread out to the whole bus. Lazars cooton clothes got on fire. His face and hands got burned. He jumped out of the bus. The fire on him was put off by covering him with a piece of canvas, but face and hands got seriously burned. He had a strongest barotrauma. In a couple seconds the bus burnt into ashes. Had there been three tanks, there would have been three bodies, - Andrej Kurejchyk wrote.

It came out last year that the Belarusian propaganda decided to make its own response to the Viva Belarus movie.

Siarhiej Zhdanovich, known as the UNDP Above the skies TV shows producer, was picked by the Ministry of Culture of Belarus and Lukashenkas administration for developing the project Square of love (Abel), which was supposed to be Belarus official response to the Viva Belarus movie by film director Krzysztof Lukaszewicz and Franak Viachorkas script.

The budget of the propaganda movie is about 2 million dollars.

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