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Belarusian officials have gone on Italian strike

11:51, — Politics

Belarusian officials have gone on Italian strike

Officials openly sabotage Lukashenkas demands.

According to a, web-sites reporter, the information came from an economist Siarhiej Chaly as he spoke at a conference Belarus in the times of transformation. Problems, challenges and expectations that took place on 5 March in Warsaw.

Belarusian authorities have no strategic vision of what should be done with the economy. The situation emerged in which the officials understands that the leader has no plan apart from holding the positions. A severest crisis of state machinerys management can be observed, up to officials taking upon an Italian strike. Lukashenka used to produce many interesting, fruitful ideas, but at least officials used to transform them into something more or less acceptable. Now his decisions are carried out literally in the most outrageous way, - he stated.

According to Siarhiej Chaly, a perfect example of this is the decree number 9 on the modernization of the timber processing industry, which by fact introduced serfdom for the workers of the industry for the period of modernization.

The decree came out in a week after Lukashenka spoke of it. It was written in such an outrageous manner that there has not yet been a single case of its practical implementation. It contradicts the Constitution and a number of international documents, - Siarhiej Chaly stated.

The economist believes that in such a situation even another Russian loan will not save the economy.

We would remind that the Belarusian ruler repeatedly expressed extreme dissatisfaction of the governments performance. Late last year his threat to remove the heads of the government members was shown on all the main countrys TV channels. Lukashenka promised to the whole country to punish officials for not complying with the program of building logistical centers. To this was added the critique of officials for wrecking the terms of modernization programs in a number of economy branches.

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