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Aliaksandr Aliesin: Lukashenka is intentionally aggravating the situation

13:28, — Politics

Aliaksandr Aliesin: Lukashenka is intentionally aggravating the situation

The suggestion to deploy new Russias jets in Belarus is the rulers crafty move.

The web-site received such an opinion from a military observer Aliaksandr Aliesin as he commented on Lukashenkas suggestion to deploy another 15 Russian fighter jets in Belarus.

In principle this is the matter of several hours. The range of these jets allows for taking off at an aviation base somewhere in Russia and lending in Baranavichy. This just means that they will simply relocate to an airdrome of advanced deployment. Lukashenka said that there are corresponding mobilization plans, and it case the crisis aggravates, Russian troops will move to Belarus borderlines as it is foreseen in the documents on the defense of the union state. That is why I think everything is prepared here and counted, and the respective routs have been developed, - the expert pointed out.

At the same time the observer emphasized that a more important question is why to do that?

The scale of NATOs exercise and the fact that they are not targeted against Belarus do not give grounds to consider that military threat to our country has increased. This may seem quite unexpected, but the thing is that Lukashenka is intentionally the situation in order to balance the quite resounding, independent and political statements, including on Ukraine. With the military loyalty he kind of earns himself a certain political independence in foreign policy. It seems to me that he is playing the strings of Russias military and political leadership, which is very interested in direct or indirect control over Belarus geopolitical space. The country juts out into the NATO countries like a balcony, from which one may move to the West, North and South. That is why the fact that Lukashenka emphasizes his military loyalty to Russia balances his sort of courage in the attitude on Ukraine. This means that he is balancing, - Aliaksandr Aliesin is convinced.

We would remind that today at a meeting of the Security Council in Minsk the Belarusian dictator suggested deploying additional Russian military jets in the territory of our country due to NATOs activity at the borders of the Union State.

If fifteen jets have been relocated from Italy (to the Baltic States), I think, we should contact the head of Russias General Staff and suggest them the reinforcement that they have to provide us with (in the framework of partnership relations). Lets, for example, get not more than 12-15 jets to the territory of Belarus, decide on patrolling routes and backup routes, so they would work and patrol, - Lukashenka claimed.

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