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Andriy Parubiy: 100 thousand Russian troops are ready to invade Ukraine  ? 49

7:57, — Europa

Andriy Parubiy: 100 thousand Russian troops are ready to invade Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities are expecting an attack from several directions, including from Belarus.

Russias main task as to Ukraine is the wreck the pre-term presidential elections. The risk of Russian troops invading continental Ukraine is fairly high today. This comes from a statement by the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andriy Parubiy.

They (Russian authorities ed.) proceed with their tactics aimed at destabilization of the situation in Ukraine. Today their main tasks are destabilization and making impossible the presidential elections on 25 May. Their plans are centered on that, - Parubiy pointed out during a joint press-conference with the head of the USA Atlantic Council Damon MacWilson. The information comes from a statement on the Ukraine NSDCs web-site.

Parubiy emphasized that, according to the present data, one may assert that Crimea was supposed to be only the first state of the intervention in Ukraine.

The next step was supposed to include 8 regions in the South and East of Ukraine, where an scenario was supposed to unfold identical to the one in Crimea with the seizure of regional state administration buildings, the proclamation of so-called peoples governors, and then an appeal to Russia with a plea for help. This plan of Russias bears the name Russian spring, - Parubiy claims.

According to him, Russian troops are not only located in Crimea but also at Northern and Eastern borders of Ukraine, while their totals numbers at the moment reach 100 thousand soldiers.

Almost 100 thousand troops are at Ukraines borders in various divisions in the directions of Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk. These troops are at alert posture and have been for several weeks already, - the NSDCs secretary pointed out.

Parubiy also noted that Russian strategy hoped that Russias troops would be gladly received in the East and South of Ukraine, however the well-prepared protest actions found little support in Eastern and Southern regions.

According to the information we have, they will bring into play the next plan, which has a more political and long-term strategy aimed at wrecking Ukrainian elections. We realize that every night, every hour an attack may take place on the territory of continental Ukraine. We are preparing for this. Our general strategy now is to establish order in Ukraines continental part, not allow provocations to happen and prepare the elections of 25 May, - Parubiy stated.

We would remind that yesterday American intelligence reported of the threat of the invasion of Russian troops not only in Ukraine, but also the Baltic States and Moldova.

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