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Courage of Ukrainian soldiers  ? 88

13:30, — Europa

Courage of Ukrainian soldiers

Unarmed Ukrainians military men regained control over a part of the Belbek airport.

The details came from Polskie Radios journalist Taras Shumeiko.

The commander of the military unit refused to give up the military technical aviation unit to soldiers with no markings, while a colonel Yuri Mamchur decided that a part of Ukrainians with weapons would stay on patrol at the garrison, and another part would go to the airdrome.

About 50 unarmed soldiers formed a column at 8:40 and moved to the airdrome that had been taken by unidentified soldiers, Ukrainska Pravda reports.

As the column approached the entrance to the airdrome together with media representatives, there is a lot of journalists from all over the world, the Russian soldiers started shooting in the air. They threatened to shoot at journalists feet. Then their commander came out and negotiated with Yuri Mamchur. They do not introduce themselves, not even the title, the only thing that is known is that the commander of the Russians is called Roman, - the journalist said.

He pointed out that Mamchur demanded that Ukrainian soldiers were allowed to take their working positions and suggested jointly guarding military warehouses in the territory of the airdrome.

The Russians partly agreed it was agreed to put a technical patrol in the positions, about 10 people. Mamchur is on the phone with the commander of the Russian squad and demands the fulfilment of the other requirements. Top goal is that they demand the Russians to leave the territory of the military unit, - he said.

The Russians say that the command is not yet ordering to withdraw.

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