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Mykola Tomenko: Yanukovych wants post of Malorossia's representative in Russian Federation 9

15:18, — Politics

Mykola  Tomenko: Yanukovych wants post of Malorossia's representative in Russian Federation

Yanukovych, Pshonka and Zakharchenko looked like clowns, but we cannot say the same about their arguments in favour of Russia's military action against Ukraine.

MP Mykola Tomenko said it to journalists in Rivne commenting on the latest briefing held by the troika in Rostov-on-Don, Ukrinform reports.

The former leaders of our state were in fact used to launch Russia's aggression against Ukraine. It's not the first time when they have been used in this way. Yanukovych, Pshonka and Zakharchenko looked like 'Hilfspolizei' on Putin's service when they were reading their texts written by Moscow. They were defending not the interests of the Ukrainian state or the absolute majority of the citizens of Ukraine, but the interests of the neighbouring state, which appears to be hostile to Ukraine and have plans to restore the Russian Empire, Tomenko said.

The politician is convinced that residents of Ukraine's south and east should know that having robbed Ukraine and taken billions of dollars to Russia by cars or other means, the Donetsk clan wants to return here at least as representatives of Malorossia in the Russian Federation even at the cost of war.

It's important to explain to the people who still support the Party of Regions that the former leaders of the state and the Party of Regions are ready to start a war with our state to save their money and their influence in Ukraine, MP noted.

Viktor Yanukovych, Viktor Pshonka and Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the former Ukrainian president, prosecutor general and interior minister respectively, who had fled Ukraine, gave another press conference in Rostov-on-Don on April 13.

Photo: Reuters

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