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Russia has redeployed hundreds new subversives to Donbas  ? 16

7:50, — Europa

Russia has redeployed hundreds new subversives to Donbas

The commandoes have a good level of preparation and the practice of combat operations in hot spots.

Journalists learnt about that from first deputy chairman of Ukraines Security Service, the head of the anti-terrorism center Vasyl Krutov as he spoke at the airdrome in Kramatorsk, liberated from occupants, UNIAN reports.

I will name just two numbers, which come from Ukraine special services operational divisions. The day before yesterday there were 150 people, called the green man, yesterday 300 more joined them. I cannot tell how many there had been before that. The numbers are roughly that. Life will show what happens tomorrow, - Krutov said. Asked how these people get to the territory of Ukraine, he said: For a professional to cross the border is the same as it was for us to go to movies as kids. So what is there to discuss?

Krutov emphasized that extremely professional and prepared special squad soldiers are acting in Ukraine, who have the experience of operations in many hot spots. We actually are dealing with a very serious, qualified, professional opponents. Alas, we have to stress that they are acting quite professionally. We have to give them their due the good level of preparation, the knowledge of tactics, practice level is quite high. These people have already been to many hot spots. This is all not simple, - Krutov stated.

The head of the anti-terrorism center also disproved the information that there had been casualties among Ukrainian soldiers and the occupants of the military facility today during the liberation of the airdrome in Kramatorsk. Krutov emphasized that the success of the anti-terrorism operation will in future depend on the moral preparation and the fighting spirit of Ukraines troops. An officer is a priori a person, who comes to the profession of a military man, having already decided for himself that he may not only give health for this profession, but also life. This is a right army, these are right warriors. Then any state, whatever poor and complicated it is, like Ukraine is today, will always have an unsurpassed development perspective, - Krutov pointed out.

We would remind that starting from 6 April Russian subversive groups and local separatists started systematic seizures of the buildings of administrations in Ukraines eastern regions, as well as police and security service buildings, which attract the commandoes with the armouries.

In response Ukraines authorities took the decision to start an anti-terrorism operation in the countrys eastern regions. Troops and military equipment have been deployed in Donbas.

On 15 April as a result of the operation by Ukrainian forces the airdrome of the town of Kramatorsk, previously seized by Russian subversives and separatists, was freed.

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