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Lukashenka frightens Belarusians by Russian tanks on the border (Video) 145

19:20, — Politics

Lukashenka frightens Belarusians by Russian tanks on the border (Video)

The address of the president to the nation and to the parliament lasted for more than 4 hours.

In the beginning of his speech the leader called upon Belarusians to take a stand for their independence, Interfax reports.

We should uphold our core value independence of Belarus, Lukashenka stated.

I am addressing you in hard times. The states surrounding us have come into motion: Ukraine has come to a boil, the Russian Federation is trying to stand upright, draw itself up to its full historical height. Borders fall right in front of your eyes. For the first time we smell a smoke of blasts in Europe, the dictator said.

As said by him, the new epoch starts, and no one knows how it is to look like.

About harassment of Russians

Later he touched upon the topic of alleged harassment of Russians in Belarus.

Speaking about harassment of Russians, as some people plant this idea, Russians in Belarus probably oppress themselves. It is so because in todays Belarus it is impossible to take the most Belarusian person in Belarus and divide him into parts and single out Belarusian blood, some special blood which is much talked or and dreamt of. Everything is mixed and confused here in our country. So any talks about Russian identity, Belarusian identity, pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian character are moves to a disturbance. Someone wants that probably, Lukashenka said.

As said by the leader, today surprising statements have emerged that Russians or Russian language are being harassed somewhere in Belarus. One can hardly invent a greater silliness certainly, Lukashenka stressed.

In this connection Lukashenka noted that there is no other country in the world where the great Russian language and the great Russian culture are cared for with greater respect. Russian language is a common asset, and primarily an asset of the three fraternal peoples, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. I would like to stress for those who want to privatize the Russian language, it is our language. It is neither Russias nor Ukraines. It is ours. It is a living heritage of Belarusians as well, he said.

If we lose the Russian language, we would lose senses, and if we forget how to speak Belarusian, we would cease to be a nation, he stated.

About Russian tanks on the border and Belarus president Surikov

Lukashenka told about reports of secret services to him that day.

They tell me all kinds of things today. They say Russian tanks are hidden near our borders, as they probably confused our borders with Ukrainian ones, that Ambassador Alexander Surikov (Russian ambassador to Belarus) is getting ready to become a Belarusian president. All these people saying that should be kicked in the backside and put out of doors, Lukashenka said.

No one would topple our country, if it would not be done by us. And economy is the foundation of that. If our enterprises would work somehow, we dont have to be afraid of tanks, Lukashenka said.

He noted that the US and Western countries had been giving advice to Ukraine and some Arabic countries, where regime changes have taken place, and economic strategies changes in particular. Lets be honest. Are the US and the West so stupid? They are fighting for their influence, but they have come with their advice to the places where the ground had been prepared for that, he said.

Any calls for a coup will be nipped in the bud

Im opposed to razing to the ground, Lukashenka said. Everyone who is calling for a riot is not only an enemy of the government and the president but, above all, an enemy of our country, our people, an enemy of our unity and, consequently, the independence of Belarus.

Lukashenka warned that authorities would put an immediate end to such manifestations of radicalism. We wont wait for provocations and clashes, he said. Any call for a coup, for turmoil, any propaganda of violence will be harshly nipped in the bud.

Lukashenka expressed confidence that the entire Belarusian nation, and not only our nation, would support a crackdown on radical forces.

Neither the Belarusian people nor history would forgive those self-seekers who try to sow seeds of turmoil and split society to please ill-wishers outside the country, he said.

No massive devaluation in Belarus

There will be no massive devaluation in Belarus, Lukashenka said as he answered the questions of the MPs after his State of the Nation Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly on 22 April.

We do not plan any avalanching devaluation. We will do our best to avoid it, he assured. He added that there are no plans to conduct devaluation in an administrative way as it was, for instance, in Kazakhstan. If we see it is necessary, if we see that we do not have gold and foreign currency reserves or they go beyond the critical level, we will proceed with devaluation, calmly. If we add some 5-6% more by the end of the year, it will be great, he said.

The President viewed the gossips about the devaluation of the national currency after the IIHF World Championship as nonsense.

$10,000 deposit for third child in Belarus

The Belarusian state will open a $10,000 deposit for a third child in the family, Lukashenka made this statement as he delivered his State of the Nation Address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly on 22 April.

Unfortunately, migration is still a dominant factor for the population growth in Belarus. At the same time the country saw some positive changes in its birth rate dynamics. 2013 was a critical year. More than 118,000 children were born. It is the maximum number of births over the past two decades. The measures taken by the state to support families with children got good feedback from the population. We will continue providing this support, he said.

He instructed to set up a special group to work out proposals for the Big Family project.

As for current support, there are plans to compensate short-received income to the family in view of a maternity leave paying out, on a monthly basis, up to 35% of the average monthly salary for each under-age child in the family. If today the mother gets 40% of the countrys average monthly salary for a second child (and we focus on the second child in the family), then the novelty means 35% for each under-age child in the family. That is 70% of the average monthly salary in the country, he said.

Long-term support envisages that with the birth of a third child in the family the state opens a $10,000 deposit which can be used by the family once the child comes of age, Lukashenka noted.

He gave the government two months to prepare the relevant draft normative act using these and other concrete proposals.

About Turchinov and russian Crimea

Belarus is extremely interested in a stable, prosperous and united Ukraine and is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to make it happen, Lukashenka said.

We will cooperate with our Ukraine no matter how hard it might be, he said.

Being its closest neighbor, Belarus is extremely interested in a stable, prosperous and united Ukraine and is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to this, Lukashenka emphasized.

The head of state noted that Belarus is conducting a consistent policy of promoting integration in the CIS. During the CIS presidency in 2013, some 70 important events were held. When Ukraine refused to be the CIS president, we assumed this responsibility and we will duly fulfill our obligations, because the CIS was established here, its headquarters are located here and we are a nation that is committed to integration more than others, he said.

I am absolutely convinced that Russia doesnt need a war over there. I know what goals Russia pursues. It seeks to protect itself, its interests, including our interests, when Russia says that Ukraine should stay outside any blocs. No foreign military forces should be present in Ukrainian lands. You know which ones. It would be bad for us and for Russia, he said.

Lukashenka also remarked: We worry about what is going on in Ukraine. I am sincere about it, maybe even more so as a human being, not a president. He reminded about his recent meeting with Acting President of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. He invokes only positive emotions in me because Ive known him for many years. They came here in Yushchenkos time. He is a very honest and decent man, a religious one, has written dozens of books. Yes, he is excessively nationalistic. More than me and you combined but people vary. He is absolutely pro-Ukrainian. He may make radical statements but he is no absolute evil for Russia and for us, he said.

Speaking about the meeting with Turchinov, Lukashenka once again confirmed that Belarus is not going to take part in any military aggression against Ukraine. You will not see me on a tank in Kyiv, I guarantee it, said Lukashenka.

Speaking about the Ukrainian problem, Alexander Lukashenko said: We should help that nation with anything we can. If we have to go to Ukraine for it and if we see that we can do something there, we will do it. He also told MPs: You will not be ashamed of me. Not because I am great but because I depend on the people, on you. And I cannot fail my people. It is my principled view, including on Ukraine with this in mind.

Lukashenka once again said that he recognized Crimea as part of Russia.

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