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Lukashenka about gangs of corruptionists: We destroyed them 28

16:10, — crime

Lukashenka about gangs of corruptionists: We destroyed them

The ruler revealed his methods to fight crime.

Lukashenka was asked about raising excise duties on alcohol and tobacco during his annual address to the parliament. It was proposed to spend a part of proceeds on social needs, including education, Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi writes.

Everything is possible, especially in our country, Lukashenka replied. But we should think about consequences of decisions that may seem easy. As you say, we can raise excise duties on alcohol and tobacco, which means increasing prices. [] But there's the question: Where will we sell alcohol and tobacco, especially in the conditions of the Customs Union? If the price will be higher than that of bum wines we sometimes receive from abroad, our people will drink this plonk and even cologne, you know it.

The ruler then switched to corruption.

Yes, we still have corruption, he said. But it's not the corruption that other countries have, where gangs and organised criminal groups exist. We have bribery, protectionism, kick-backs. These are minor things, and it's difficult to catch offenders, but we have a lot of such cases. But we do not have an organised group of corruptionists. We destroyed them. We did it at the beginning of my presidential term. There were 35 criminal gangs in Minsk, if I am not mistaken. We don't have these groups or their leaders today. Some went to heaven, some fled and never returned to Belarus. We don't have them. However, corruption still exists.

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