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Tank forces have large-scale exercises in Belarus  ? 25

8:11, — Army

Tank forces have large-scale exercises in Belarus

The military exercises are held on a firing range near the town of Barysau.

On April 21, the separate tank battalion of the 11th Guards Mechanized Brigade completed unloading equipment and weapons that arrived in a military echelon at the train unloading station in Barysau, and concentrated in the designated area on the 227th firing range Barysauski in the evening. Two columns of vehicles from the battalion also arrived in the district, the press service of the Defence Ministry informs.

Two Mi-24 helicopters of the combat helicopter base and a Mi-8 helicopter from the 50th mixed air base covered the vehicle columns and the unloading station Barysau from the air.

The service personnel installed and camouflaged the military and special equipment, took security measures and took a rest.

Today, the servicemen of the tank battalion of the 11 Guards Mechanised Brigade will deploy in the assembly area, take overall support measures and carry out engineering works in the area of responsibility.

The tasks of engineer reconnaissance of the mission area and the landing zone, improving entrenchment in the area of responsibility, repairing and maintaining travel ways are performed by engineering groups of the 2nd and the 188th engineering brigades.

The combat readiness tests of the Belarusian Armed Forced began in January 2014 on the order of Lukashenka. The first phase of the combat readiness tests verified the readiness of control bodies and military units of the Belarusian part of the regional air defense system as well as territorial defense control bodies and units. The second phase began with tests to verify the readiness of the entire Belarusian-Russian regional air defense system.

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