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Vitaliy Klychko: How can we speak of amnestying murderers? 2

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Vitaliy Klychko: How can we speak of amnestying murderers?

The issue of an amnesty cannot be on the agenda, if it is the matter of tortures and murders.

This comes from the leader of the UDAR parliament fraction Vitaliy Klychko as he comments for journalists in Verkhovna Rada on the absence of the amnesty law on the agenda.

The news reported by UDARs press-service.

This issue was supposed to be considered last week, and we insisted on that. But after the terrible case when municipal deputies were found murdered, when the separatists torture people, how can we speak of amnestying the people, involved in murders and tortures? Klychko pointed out.

At the same time he emphasized that there can be no persecution for participating in meetings. Any person has the right to take part in peaceful meetings and express their opinion, - UDARs leader noted.

Asked about the efficiency of the anti-terrorism operation in the east of the country, Klychko said: It is inefficient. In short time we need to stabilize the situation. The more we linger, the more unstable is the situation in the country. People have seized buildings, they put forward some unclear demands, many of them have dubious past. It is unclear, how they have come to possess so many weapons.

The politician highlighted that parliament members are ready to speak of grating more power to local communities, of the decentralization of power and budget, but there can be no discussion over the separation of any Ukraines regions and their accession to another state.

We will point out that the separatists in Donetsk region have claimed they will torture the hostages in order to wreck the presidential elections in the south-east of the country. In their turn Ukrainian law enforcers promise to fight the criminals in the east by all means.

On 8 April Verkhovna Rada adopted the amnesty law. The amnesty will concern all the participants of the protests in the east and those, who free the buildings and other public spaces and voluntarily give up weapons, with the exception of those, who are found guilty of committing severe crimes.

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