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Lukashenka concerned by breakdown of sowing campaign in Ukraine  ? 75

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Lukashenka concerned by breakdown of sowing campaign in Ukraine

The Belarusian dictator believes that the most upsetting things for Ukraine are yet to come.

Lukashenka has told about that today during his conversation with dwellers of Klimovichi, BelTA informs.

We would not like a fratricidal war in Ukraine and would not like people getting killed in Ukraine. Because these people are no strangers for us, he said.

Lukashenka noted that in the last few months 4,500 people came to Belarus, including nearly 2,000 people from Ukraine. You know, the scariest thing is people having to abandon their long-inhabited places, their homes, take their kids and flee. Well, we can shelter them. But what are they to do? the ruler said.

Lukashenka reminded that in his address to the parliament he told that people in Ukraine had been driven into madness and cannot understand what is going on. The European Union offers integration to them, while Russia offers federalization, and they dont understand what this is all about. A fight between the two forces is in progress in Ukraine with common people stuck in between, in this trap. They are common people just like you, and they do not know what to do, he noted.

Some urge others to fight at barricades, while some others are given weapons and told to shoot. Shoot who? There are brothers all around them! said the Belarusian dictator.

And so, crazed by politics, people choose to flee, remarked Lukashenka. He highlighted that it is impossible to deny them entry into Belarus. however the government chooses to evaluate the arriving people. If they bring families, we can understand it. But criminal elements may be willing to enter Belarus, too. We have enough crime to handle as it is, said the head of state.

The leader stressed that that Belarus is very much concerned about the situation in Ukraine. The worst things have yet to happen, hee believes. I may rebuke my subordinates, your superiors, but at least they do something because the nation needs bread, milk, meat. No pains no gains. Nothing like that is happening in Ukraine now. Some areas have just started the sowing campaign while other areas have missed the timing. And it is absolutely impossible to do it in other areas. People see no future and are therefore reluctant to sow things. What are they going to eat tomorrow? How are they going to feed their children? It is the key problem. I told president (of Ukraine Oleksander Turchynov) yesterday: if you need anything, tell me, because tomorrow it may be too late, noted Alyaksandr Lukashenka.

The ruler urges Russia and the West to calm down for stabilization of the situation in Ukraine, Interfax reports.

The situation is very serious, it should be stabilized. The West and Russia should both calm down and understand one thing: we are in great responsibility for this piece of land, as a unique nation, our people, Slavs live there. We are responsible for this nation, their culture and development. One should not act in order to annihilate the state and the people, he said.

We remind that earlier Lukashenka recognized occupation of Crimea and its merger with Russia.

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