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Clashes in Kharikiv: some injured (Video)

11:17, — Europa

Clashes in Kharikiv: some injured (Video)

Pro-Russian militants attacked a rally of supporters of united Ukraine.

At least three people are reported to have been injured.

Clashes began near the Metallist stadium. A column of people with Ukrainian symbols stopped near the stadium on the corner of Kirova and Plelhanovskaya Streets. Some tens of the demonstrators went back, MediaPort reports.

There was information that a column of pro-Russian activists was following them. The pro-Russian activists and demonstrators had a clash. Journalists saw three people with head injuries. Eyewitnesses report about 7 injured people.

A rally of ultras was attacked by pro-Russian activists. Some were seriously injured, IT Sector Kharkiv wrote on Twitter.

The police blocked the street not allowing the ultras to move closer to the separatists. It could be concluded from policemen's words that the separatists had firearms, activists says.

The Interior Ministry says two police officers were injured in clashes. Aggressive supporters of federalisaiton tried to attack the demonstrators using baseball bats, sticks, etc, the ministry says.

The rally for united Ukraine was held in central streets in Kharkiv. It gathered about 7,000 participants. The ultras chanted Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!, Ukraine above all. Demonstrators flares and firecrackers.

Road police cars were noticed in front and at the end of the column. The rally was accompanied by police officers. Scores of cars with Ukrainian flags followed the column.

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