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Prison guard: Viniarski began to drink water 2

15:51, — Politics

Prison guard: Viniarski began to drink water

The staff of a detention centre in Akrestsin Street confirms that a coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign continues his hunger strike.

An officer on duty at the detention facility said Maksim Viniarski had agreed to drink water, Radio Svaboda reports.

He drinks tea. He asked it. But he continues the hunger strike and doesn't have health complaints. He will get medical attention as soon as he complains, the officer on duty said.

It's impossible to confirm the information, but Maksim Viniarski's lawyer said some days ago his health had worsened.

The coordinator of the civil campaign European Belarus was detained by the police in Minsk on April 22, as he was leaving the Korona shopping centre. Police officers said Maksim looked like a man on the wanted list. He was taken to a police station and charged with failure to obey police officers. Judge Liudmila Lappo from Minsk's Frunzenski district court found Maksim Viniarski guilty and sentenced him to 12 days in custody.

Viniarski, who had tonsillitis, felt unwell at the trial. The paramedics arrived and said he should be taken to hospital, but police officers said he would be taken to a detention centre. Viniarski went on dry hunger strike in response.

The activist explains the arrest with the desire of the authorities to prevent him from participating in the Chernobyl Way rally, which was held on April 26. There is a real threat that the authorities will not be satisfied by this punishment, and as it happened before, and find a way to prolong his stay in jail to prevent his presence in Minsk during the Ice Hockey World Championship. That is why he announced dry hunger strike.

Viniarski spend more than 300 days in custody in recent years, which caused serious health problems. During the latest detention, policemen said him to leave Minsk for a period of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

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