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Ukrainian political analyst: Yanukovych has turned country into revolving door for FSB and GRU 3

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Ukrainian political analyst: Yanukovych has turned country into revolving door for FSB and GRU

Donetsk region can become a second Crimea.

Such an opinion has been expressed by a political analyst of portal Sergei Vysotski, who commented the recent events in Eastern Ukraine to

If a referendum would be held in Donetsk region now, it would be held under supervision of Russian troops. That is, there is a great chance of repeating the Crimea scenario, the expert believes.

The political analyst stressed that a few separatists have been imprisoned already, but there is a problem, there are much more of them.

If we had 2 FSU officers in Luhansk region and 700-kilometre border would be closed, it would be much easier. But Ukraine had been destroying for the last 23 years, and finally the knife in the back was stabbed by Yanukovychs regime, who had made the country the revolving door for Russian agents: FSB, GRU (the General Staff of the Armed Forces' Main Intelligence Directorate) and so on. So at the moment it is impossible to close the border with Russia completely there is simply no time for that. It has been closed where possible, and in general the Ukrainian authorities are solving the situation in the East very level-headedly, Vysotski said.

We remind that on April 6 separatist provocations took place in the East of Ukraine. In particular, pro-Russian activists occupied regional administration buildings in Donetsk and Kharkiv. In Luhansk the Security Service of Ukraines head office and the National Bank branch were stormed and seized. The SBU head office in Donetsk was seized as well.

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