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Russian fascists from Belarus go fight against Ukraine photos

11:51, — Society

Belarusian supporters of the Russian National Unity (RNU) made an attempt to come out of the underground.

The occasion for that were the events in Ukraine, Belarusian News reports.

On their web-site unidentified people on behalf of the Belarusian Regional RNU Organization announced the creation of voluntary squadrons for organized assistance to our Orthodox brothers, who are now fighting in the territory of former Ukraine against the Kyiv junta and BPF activists, who for American money want to make the same chaos in our Republic too.

Contacts are attached on the Vkontakte social network for joining the squadrons. Additionally it is said that it is possible to join the squadrons for saving Ukraine from the junta, made of CIA agents, radical Ukrainian nationalists (banderists) and other rubbish only for men over 23 years old, who served in army. Younger defenders are suggested to provide feasible assistance not dealing with going to the territory of former Ukraine. It means to donate funds, an account number is provided in the Yandex.Money system.

By the fact of this appeal Belarusian law enforcers have all the reasons to bring up a whole number of criminal charges of the Republic of Belarus Criminal Codes special chapter, chapter VI Crimes against peace, security of humanity and war crimes. This looks like a war propaganda (article 123), recruiting and financing with the use of mercenaries (article 132) and recruiting mercenaries (article 133).

To be precise, this topic is exclusively under Belarus KGB competence. In the course of the so-called preventive measures the KGB-ists could have long knocked off the whole virtual networks of the Belarusian Barkashov followers. But the groups keep existing in Minsk, Hrodna, Marjina Horka, Polatsk and Navapolatsk, although in a virtual social network way.

The network is, of course, is not like it used to be in the 90-ies, when RNU supporters had their groups practically in all towns of Belarus, freely organized their weekly gatherings in Jakub Kolas Square in Minsk, walked around in black uniforms and greeted one another with a Nazi salute and saying Glory to Russia!.

By the way, in those years Barkashov followers repeatedly showed themselves in Minsk at mass manifestations of the Belarusian opposition by arranging provocations and disseminating their agitation leaflets. It is notable that they would always get away with anything. Police did not touch them. For example, in February 1999 RNU activists attacked and beat down Charter97 activists, including a former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov. However the Prosecutor Generals office found no grounds for holding Barkashov followers responsible.

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