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Russians in Mercedes held car race with Minsk traffic policemen  ? 14

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Russians in Mercedes held car race with Minsk traffic policemen

In Minsk traffic policemen pursued a car with Moscow number plates.

Today morning traffic policemen pursued a black Mercedes, was informed by an eyewitness. As said by Daniil, the car with Moscow number plates drove into a dead end, and the driver tried to escape. The traffic policeman ruched to catch him, a few more traffic police cars arrived. Traffic police confirms that the young men have been detained. It is still to find out whether they were drunk.

- At about 7.20 a.m. the car pursued the violators with a siren horn on, Daniil specified. This road in Kalinouski Street is a drivethrough on the map. The guys probably expected to ride through to Syadykh Street. They didnt know the street is blocked by a reinforced concrete block.

The traffic inspector managed to detain the driver. And his colleagues seized the passengers.

- Later a few more police cars arrived, and they also ran with their guns pulled out of holsters, - the witness writes. When they were detained, it turned out they were 4 young men in their thirties. Then they were searched, their car inspected too, then the traffic policemen and these guys started to call somewhere. Later they left, the car was left in the yard. I hope that they were taken for a medical check-up, not released.

Minsk traffic police informs that the violators had not been released certainly. They were kept near Syadykh, 44 and then taken to a police department.

- First inspectors tried to stop the car in Independence Avenue. The car obviously exceeded the speed limit, -- told the deputy head of Minsk traffic police Syarhei Rudenka. Special sirens were on, but the driver didnt obey and tried to escape. A pursuit was organized, and they stopped in a dead end in Kalinouski Street. The driver and passengers tried to run away, but were detained. They didnt have obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication, but required tests have been made. Several administrative materials are to be drawn up against the driver for traffic rules violations.

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