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Lukashenka about Charter, Kerimov and divorce

17:45, — Politics

Lukashenka about Charter, Kerimov and divorce

The Belarusian dictator was interviewed by Kseniya Sobchak.

Russian TV host Kseniya Sobchak's interview with Aliaksandr Lukashenka was aired on the TV channel Dozhd yesterday.

About divorse and Darya Shmanai

Lukashenka spoke about student of Belarusian State Economic University Darya Shmanai.

She has been working with me for two years. At different events, I never

sit among officials with a long face. My son sits on the right and a girl sits on the left. I know TV host Palina Shuba for many years. She gave me flowers when she was a kid. There are very beautiful girls working at our protocol service. They ask if they can sit next to me. If I had a girl like Darya Shmanai, it would be more than I could wish!

My wife lives in Shklou, her old address. I am not divorced. We haven't been living together for a long time. She is a decent person.

Do you know why Putin divorced? Maybe another person wanted so. I don't know, a girl, a woman. You can press on a president, too, he said.

About Charter and Kerimov

Being in opposition is paid well. I don't say there are no honest people among them. There are different people in opposition, perhaps some lost ones. But I am speaking about the top opposition members. There are different Tell the Truth, Viasna, Charter. The secret services told me the opposition had received something for the ice hockey championship, but I answer it's good that they don't bring money out of the country. They bought a house, fuel the car. It's good that they receive money from outside and we don't have to pay them, as Russia does [with the Russian opposition].

One who has billions will never become an opposition politician [about Prokhorov].

We would have arrested Kerimov as well and wouldn't have given him to Russia. Who is Voloshin? He is smaller than Baumgertner. No one would have touched him, Lukashenka said.

About Saakashvili's help

Lukashenka said: No one has struggled for us in the West like Saakashvili. He was on good terms with America. He told the vice president and the president that they had chosen wrong behaviour towards Belarus, there must be no sanctions, that it's a normal country, a normal president.

According to him, the Georgian president often invited him to visit the country, BelaPAN writes. But I said: Misha, I cannot come to you in Georgia. Do you need additional problems? Russia's leadership won't take it normally. Let's wait for a while, Lukashenka noted.

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