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Kyiv gets ready for subversions and provocations on May 9 2

17:43, — Europa

Kyiv gets ready for subversions and provocations on May 9

Checkpoints have been set up and inspections intensified in the capital of Ukraine.

The authorities of Ukraine warn about provocative acts that could take place on Victory Day. It has been stated by the chairman of the Supreme Rada and interim president Oleksandr Turchynov on air of the 5th channel.

Their aim is to overturn the government in Kyiv. Checkpoints have been set up in the capital, serious identity checks are to take place there, as we expect provocative acts on May 9, and not only in the capital. One should be careful in all regions of the country, as saboteurs and provocateurs might be there, Turchynov said. In fact, a war is waged against us. And we must be ready to fight off this aggression.

The acting president has also stated that former Ukrainian officials aid to finance illegal acts.

Organisers of these separatist provocations and acts of terrorism are situated in Russia. and this requires no further proof Another question is, Russian special services use former leaders of the country, especially those who were a part of the inner circle of Yanukovych, in order to use not only financial facilities, but primarily organizational capabilities acquaintances, bank accounts, in order to finance these riots, Turchynov said.

We remind that according to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), mass riots in Odessa which ended in fatalities, had been prepared outside Ukraine and financed by a former first Vice Premiere Sergei Arbuzov and a former head of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties Oleksandr Klimenko.

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