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Coordinator of initiative Stop drinking, you need to live detained in Homel 6

11:18, — Politics

Coordinator of initiative Stop drinking, you need to live detained in Homel

The police detained Dzmitry Karashkou, a coordinator of the Homel-based initiative Stop drinking, you need to live, on the morning of May 7.

The reasons and details of the detention are unknown. The man told his friend Kanstantsin Zhukouski on the phone that he had been detained by the police, and policemen wanted to take away his cell phone. Dzmitry Karashkou's phone is switched off now. There's no new information about him, Viasna human rights centre reports.

On May 2, he received several phone calls from the men who introduced themselves as officers of Homel's Savetski district police department and insisted on meeting. I didn't agree to go anywhere without a summons. They then began to threaten that they would find me. Those who introduced themselves as police officers wanted to talk about unsanctioned events I allegedly organise, Dzmitry Karashkou said on May 2.

He didn't go to a police station without a summons. It's worth adding that the activist was lately summoned to the Investigation Committee for questioning. He was asked why he had visited Kyiv, what he was doing there and who else travelled with him.

On March 11, Dzmitry Karashkou and Stanislau Bulla were detained in Minsk near the Russian embassy with the posters Putin is enemy of Ukraine and Russia and Putin, hands off Ukraine, no war. Dzmitry Karashkou was sentenced to 15 days in custody, Stanislau Bulla got 11 days in custody.

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