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Police remove white-red-white flag from house in Smaliavichy 5

13:44, — Politics

Police remove white-red-white flag from house in Smaliavichy

A white-red-white flag was removed from the yard of a resident of Smaliavichy.

The flag was hung a year ago, but the police decided to seize it only now, a reader wrote to

The Belarusian national flag has been in my yard for more than a year. Police patrols were ignoring it, but three policemen came recently and seized my flag without explanations. I said that I hadn't violated any laws, but officers of the Smaliavichy police department answered I could go to a prosecutor's office or a court with my complaints. I am going to take their advice. I think my civil rights were violated. I am pressed for the Belarusian flag illegally, he said.

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