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Customs office cannot find experts to check up Lukashenkas biography

11:25, — Society

Customs office cannot find experts to check up Lukashenkas biography

A civic activist Aliaksandr Malochka received another notification from Ashmiany customs office.

Exactly in 10 months after the confiscation of the book Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Political portrait the administration of the customs office told that they did not yet decide on the expert organization, which would be able to put an end point in the fate of the book, the press-service of the Belarusian Association of Journalists told the web-site.

We would remind that on 14 September 2013, as he was coming back from Lithuania Aliaksandr Malochka got confiscated one unit of Valer Karbalevichs book at the Kamenny Loh border control point, allegedly for an inspection to see if it had an extremist content. It was the Chief Ideology Department of Hrodna region executive committee that was doing the inspection. Having waited for four months for a response, the activist sent a letter to Ashmiany customs office, requesting to get him acquainted with the expert conclusion. The conclusion was not sent to him in a response, but he was informed that he could get the book back at the place, where it was stored.

But on 18 February 2014 another letter came from the head of the customs office Ivan Nivierkievich: he wrote that the previous letter had been invalid, since the expertise, carried out by ideologists in Hrodna, gave not answers to the questions raised. That is why the book had been redirected to the regional KGB department, so it could be checked whether it could be treated as one of the goods, forbidden to bring into the territory of the Customs Union. Now Malochka is going to appeal to the State Customs Committee and prosecutors office.

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