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Opposition activist secretly sentenced to 10 days detention 3

16:58, — Politics

Opposition activist secretly sentenced to 10 days detention

Only on August 7 it became known that Aleh Keral had been sentenced to 10 days arrest, though the activist had been detained on August 5.

As the press-service of Alternativa states, the young man was detained by policemen without any legal grounds.

Keral was taken to the police department, where a report was drawn up against him on charges relating Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code of Belarus (Petty Hooliganism). Then he was taken to the court, where he was found guilty of public order violation. He was sentenced to 10 days arrest. Keral managed to inform about that on a mobile phone, when he was taken to the city remand prison in Minsk for serving the sentence. No other details are known, the press-service of the organisation told to website.

The leadership of Alternativa connects the new arrest of the member of the organisation with his activities in the framework of For Independent Belarus campaign. In particular, Aleh Keral took part in placing a white-red-white flag and agitation posters, as well as in distribution of printed materials in defence of sovereignty and democracy in Belarus.

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