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Ales Marachkins exhibition forbidden in Vitebsk 14

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Ales Marachkins exhibition forbidden in Vitebsk

The exposition was supposed to open on 30 November in the exhibition hall of the Art and Graphic faculty of the Vitebsk State University.

The administration of the university let the exhibitions curator know that there will be a re-attestation in the educational institution and the hall will be occupied, Radio Svaboda reports.

The exhibitions curator Katsiaryna Miasnikova says that all the terms were preliminary agreed upon:

The opening of Ales Marachkins exhibition Return was planned in a due course, we have already announced it in the local newspapers. But the dean of the Art and Graphic faculty of the Vitebsk State University Dzmitry Sianko called and said that the exhibition was cancelled. The reason was that the hall was occupied. There was no discussion of rescheduling, so one should understand that the refusal is final. Although no later than last Friday the head of a chair Genadzi Isakau assured that everything was alright.

The paintings for the exhibition were supposed to arrive to Vitebsk in the morning of 26 November. Having found out about the exhibitions cancellation, Ales Marachkin managed to unload the car, provided by the Artists Union, at the last minute.

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