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Mikhalevich: Non-compliance with OSCE standards infuriates Lukashenka 10

16:40, — Politics

Mikhalevich: Non-compliance with OSCE standards infuriates Lukashenka

That is the reason why the dictator criticises this organization, a politician thinks.

I think Lukashenke is wrong. The OSCE performs an important functions, 2010 presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich comments for on Lukashenka's statement.

The politician thinks our country does not meet even the standards of Russia as an OSCE member.

The OSCE is an organization that includes both Russia and western countries. The fact that Belarus fails to comply with even with Russia's average standards. It's absolutely clear. I think it is the main thing that infuriates Lukashenka. Belarus fails to comply even with the minimum human rights standards.

Ales Mikhalevich explains why the ruler criticises the OSCE observers and praises CIS observers:

OSCE observers are more or less unbiased, while CIS observers have a political position to support Lukashenka.

It should be reminded that the dictator said on November 6 that he saw no use of the OSCE activity.

The problem is that the West and the USA were interested in it [the OSCE] when they countered the powerful USSR. This organisation is not needed any more. Taking into account that the OSCE doesn't fulfil its functions, we don't need it at all, the ruler said.

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