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Putin ignores Lukashenka again? 12

12:11, — Politics

Putin ignores Lukashenka again?

The date for a meeting of the Supreme Council of the union state has not been set yet.

The Belarusian-Russian union state uses the temporary budget breakdown, because the budget has not been approved by the Supreme Council yet, Interfax-West news agency learnt from the office of the permanent committee in Minsk on Wednesday.

Until the budget is approved by the Supreme State Council, 1/12 of year's spendings is allocated monthly for the programmes and projects set in the budget. We have the temporary budget breakdown. There are no problems with financing, the Minsk office of the Permanent Committee of the union state says.

The office also reports there is no precise information regarding a meeting of the Supreme Council. The date will be set by presidents, the office informs.

Members of the parliamentary assembly of Belarus-Russia union adopted the union budget for 2013 in Moscow on December 18. The budget that costs 4.872 billion Russian rubles provides for financing 11 union programmes and 26 events.

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