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Lukashenka promises generous pay for forgers 117

15:20, — Politics

Lukashenka promises generous pay for forgers

The ruler and CEC head Yarmoshyna discussed the forthcoming election.

The state budget doesn't have spare money on election campaigns, but those involved in organising the electoral process will get decent pay, BelTA news agency reports.

We should support the people involved in the election and pay them. We shouldn't distract people from their primary job for a long time. Most part of the work will be done by government bodies, which will use the money they receive from the state funds for their work. The people employed for the election from the side should receive decent pay. We should pay if we want quality. But we don't have spare money, Lukashenka said on December 2 at a meeting with head of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Lidzia Yarmoshyna.

The ruler noted that Belarus would have three large election campaigns in the nearest years. He thinks the forthcoming elections should become a demonstration of the true democracy. Lukashenka ordered Yarmoshyna to organise the political campaigns.

As usual, you are responsible for them [elections]. You can employ whoever you want to organise and hold the elections, but there must be one person and one body responsible for the elections, the electoral process and announcing the results, he said.

As I understand, the period of dictatorship ends. The period of democracy (we cannot avoid it) starts next year. The election to local council are likely to give a start to it. I hope we'll end this period in a peaceful way with the presidential election, which, as far as I understand, is scheduled for 2015, Lukashenka noted.

None Belarusian elections have been recognised by the international community since 1996. In 2004, Lidzia Yarmoshyna and some tens of high-ranking officials were banned from entering the US, the EU and other countries. Yarmoshyna is still subject to the EU sanctions.

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