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Prakapovich has built two cottages in Drazdy  ? photos 186

7:51, — Politics

Piotr Prakapovich would not have been a Hero of Belarus, had not he done something practically unthinkable.

Not leaving public office he managed to enter the same river twice get two elite pieces of land, the price for each approaches two million dollars, Nasha Niva reports.

At the start of the century he became a full-blown resident of the settlement of officials in Drazdy, having received from the state a piece of land 0.15 hectare of size in the water protections zone of Slislach river. The two-storeyed residential house with a basement and two terraces with the total acres of 370 square meters was finished in late 2004.

In the meanwhile Piotr Prakapovich settled in a house in Vilejskaja Street a two-storeyed brick wall house with a non-heated extension, two terraces, basement and a summer kitchen. By the way, he registered half of the cottage for his daughter Ludmila couple weeks ago. This house is more spacious than the one in Drazdy, its total acres account for 500 square meters.

A thrifty person is thrifty in everything. Prakapovich decided not to overpay for the architectural project. If you take a look at the facades of the bankers cottages in Vilejskaja Street, it is noticeable that the houses of Prakapovich and his deputy Paviel Kallaur, which stand one next to the other, are the same. Only the color is different. Everything else from the fence to the railings on the second floors terrace is the same.

Prakapovich cottages windows face the construction site of former Kyrgyzstans president Kurmanbek Bakiev. His cottage is one of the biggest in the village. If you check it out on the satellite map, you will see that the piece of land takes up the same space as the four adjacent. Behind the fence something like a Muslim chapel can be seen. The window on the second floor has pictures resembling Santa Claus and Snow Maiden stuck to it. It is just that Santas cap is somewhat too stretched and tall. The cadastral agency in the meanwhile says that there is no information on the cottage in the national registry. All the houses in the neighborhood are there, but this one for some reason is not.

Prakapovich would not have been Prakapovich had not he asked for more land. And he did receive the additional 670 square meters. At first Prakapovich paid about $30 a year for his orchard in Drazdy. After a series of currency devaluations, arranged by Prakapovich-The Banker, the yearly fee dropped to $7 a year

Now it is Prakapovichs son Aliaksandr, who lives in the cottage, located next to the house of Viktar Shejman.

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