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Vintsuk Viachorka: Time to get rid of magnetism of pseudo-elections 22

8:31, — Politics

Vintsuk Viachorka: Time to get rid of magnetism of pseudo-elections

Running in the farce called elections has no sense for opposition.

Vintsuk Viachorka, a member of Belarusian Movement's organising committee and former chair of the BPF party, said it in an interview with

I think we need to consider two aspects of the 'elections'. Firstly, it is the institutions where people are elected to. Local councils don't have real tools to influence the social and economic situation. People understand it and apply to local administrations, which are called the power vertical, when they need to solve their personal or group problems, the politician said.

The other aspect is discrediting the electoral mechanism and procedures, according to Vintsuk Viachorka.

As the latest parliamentary 'elections' showed, the authorities reached the new level of falsifications. They don't even count votes before the eyes of observers. I saw it at a polling station in Zialiony Luh district. I'd like to remind that voter turnout requirements for 'local elections' were cancelled. It means that votes of three people or elections commission members will be enough to declare the 'elections' valid, he said.

The politician emphasises the fantastically low percent of democratic representatives in election commissions.

It means that the authorities are not going to set decorations for the democratic community or someone else. Putin doesn't need these decorations. He gives billions for other purposes. It's time for responsible democratic forces to get rid of the magnetism of Lukashenka's pseudo-elections. I personally don't think it has sense for certain opposition members to run in the farce, the former BPF chair summed up.

Local council elections are scheduled for March in Belarus. Some democratic opposition representatives say they will run in the campaign explaining that it gives an opportunity to collect signatures, canvass and talk to people.

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