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Pavel Seviarynets: Everybody sick and tired of Lukashenka 51

10:33, — Politics

Pavel Seviarynets: Everybody sick and tired of Lukashenka

The politician is confident that Belarusians have protest potential.

Pavel Seviarynets spoke about it in an interview with BDG newspaper.

The co-head of the organising committee to create the Belarusian Christian Democracy party drew parallels between the situation in Belarus and Ukraine.

Belarus would rather see Ploshcha than Maidan. Maybe it will resemble silent protests or Stop Tax protests or something else. Anyway, it will be mass protests. It can be rather difficult to control and put them down due to guerrilla mentality of Belarusians, Pavel Seviarynets said.

The politician thinks the church can initiate changes in Belarus.

We have a social contract in some sense. It didn't prevent post-election protests in 2010, though wages were rather high. The matter is not social issues. The matter is that everybody is sick and tired of Lukashenka. It can be seen in many things, from economy to management and culture, etc. We have protest potential in any case.

Things seems to be a bit more difficult when we speak that apart from a political, economic or other alternative, the opposition should represent a moral alternative to Lukashenka. Deceiving, stealing and fearing has become normal under Lukashenka's rule. Of course, it continues the communist tradition, but it has become ruder and more brazen. The opposition should be honest, truthful and open. If an opposition member tries to lie, steal or scare, he or she stops being a part of the opposition. He becomes a part of the problem.

The contract with the evil signed by a part of the Belarusian people by accepting stealing, deceiving and fear as norms should be terminated, also by work of the opposition. I personally see only one force able to return morality as a norm to Belarusian society and politics. This is the church. All revolutions, economic, social and political ones, may happen when churches, I mean not structures and hierarchies but those believing in Jesus Christ and carrying morality, go to social life and politics. Of course, I mean a revolution without blood, a revolution of views and consciousness, that can lead to overthrowing the regime in a peaceful European way, Pavel Seviarynets said.

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