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Hrodna residents: Elections have no sense 16

17:02, — Politics

Hrodna residents: Elections have no sense

Residents of Hrodna don't see sense in voting at the elections.

BelaPAN news agency offered Hrodna dwellers to answer the questions Do you know about the election campaign in the country?, Do you see any signs of it? and In your opinion, why are opposition members not included in most election commissions? Journalists received the following answers:

I know the campaign has begun. I don't watch television. I didn't see posters and banners. I guess it's time for it [the election campaign]. My friends and I calculated that the presidential elections are coming soon.

We know it. Local elections. People already propose candidates.

I know about the elections, but I don't see any signs in streets. I'm not a big politician to know much about parties and why they [opposition representatives] were not included in commissions. High-ranking people probably decide who will be included.

Elections to local councils. But I don't see any posters. They probably don't trust opposition members.

I don't see in streets that the election campaign has begun. We know it from the press. We read newspapers and the Internet. I don't know why they [opposition members] were not included in commissions.

I saw a poster saying something about March and local council members. What elections? What for? There's no sense in election either you vote or not. They don't include opposition members in commissions, because they don't want to hear other people.

I have no idea. They used to print posters, but there's absolutely no information now.

I know the election campaign has started. District election commissions haven't been formed yet. They fear to hear the truth, to hear what people think about the government. I don't see sense in these elections.

It's an old technology. Commissions have the same heads and members. They already know everything in advance. There's no place for opposition members there.

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