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Without me. Angry feuilleton  ? 32

15:58, Valiantsin Stefanovich — Opinion

Without me. Angry feuilleton

Hello, my brothers and sisters, hello, my dear still fellow citizens.

It has happened. No jokes any more. The independence play is over. Do you really think it was serious and real? Everything after 1991? No, my dear, it was a joke, but now it will be real, it will be in a Russian way. What? Weren't you dreaming about it for all these years? Didn't you think about it?

Admit that you have always understood deep in your soul (or souls, as people say we have two souls) that it wasn't serious, it wasn't for long. So, you wore St George's ribbons, decorated your windscreen with the Russian tricolour flag and supported at the referendum your beloved Soviet symbols instead of Bandera's white-red-white flag.

Now we'll begin to live, get new two-head passports, Russian salad, old songs about love, Russian radio, Russian ruble! What will change actually? Not so much. It'll only be better, in a more familiar way. Am I right, my dear?

I only fear you will never become the equal Russians for them. Yes, they will love you, these nice, silly provincials with a funny accent. All like Bulbashes, Belarusians. The Russian like them especially. They like everyone: Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Russian-speaking Moldavians, Russian-speaking Tatars... Good, quiet citizens, excellent soldiers for future wars.

Be happy, my precious. But without me, without me.

Valiantsin Stefanovich, exclusively for

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